• IULTCS Duyuruları 2011 Takvim Yılı

IULTCS Duyuruları 2011 Takvim Yılı

Posted on Nisan 1st, 2011

    - IULTCS Yürütme Kurulu Toplantısı;Next IULTCS EC meeting
    next IULTCS Executive Committee (EC) Meeting is scheduled for 09.00h on Wednesday, 30th March 2011 at the Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Center, Hong Kong. The APLF Hong Kong Leather Fair is from 30th March – 1st April 2011 . 

    - IULTCS Merit Ödülü;Merit Award (Closing date is approaching!!!)
    A reminder that applications for the IULTCS Merit Award must be submitted to the IULTCS Secretary by the 14th March 2011. Please submit applciations to campbell.page@tfl.com (use this address for e-mails with attachments) or office@iultcs.org.

    - IULTCS Valencia Kongresi;Information about the IULTCS Congress in Valencia, 28 – 30 September 2011
    Information from AQEIC about our Congress in Valencia. Please ensure that all your Society members are circulated with this information.

    - IULTCS Üye Birliklerin ve Üyelerin Sertifikasyonu; IULTCS certificates for IULTCS Member Societies and Members
    The request for a membership certificate for IULTCS Member Societies and Members at the last EC meeting has been followed up by Elton Hurlow (IUL Chairman). The guidelines and certificates will be finalised at the EC meeting in Hong Kong.



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